With the change of procedure at LDS temples we no longer receive the family name cards back.  So people like my wife who have saved every name card she has ever submitted can't easily keep a history of their work as a stack of name cards.

I noticed that in FamilySearch.org,  under the 'Temple' menu there is a 'Completed' item which takes you to a page that shows the ordinances completed in the last 2 years.  I don't know how to get all the ordinances a person has ever submitted so I have started work on a 'computer program' to 'harvest' that information and keep a running list in computer form.

For want of a better name I am tentatively calling this project the 'Done Deck'.

So far I have created a browser extension that collects the data from the 'Completed' page.  Now I have to create a web page to display it/store it.

I'm running on just my own intuition that this would be a tool that some people would find useful.  If you're interested in such a thing let me know (by email to lorin.lund@gmail.com  Possibly with "DoneDeck" in the subject).  If you think other people might be interested let them know about it (point them to this page).  If you have ideas about how to spread the word about this project let me know at the same email address. 

Lorin Lund