I've got this bundle zipped for download.

When I first tried this on my Mac it crashed the first time but worked the second time (and each time thereafter.)

The first time you run it it will take a surprisingly long time to come up.   (perhaps 2 minutes).  Thereafter it will start up much quicker. 

Let me know how it goes for you. 

Addendum I have recently had to install PAF on Mac on a Mac with a newer version of OSX. I ran into some security restrictions: After I had the app moved to the Applications folder I double clicked on it and I got a message about it being from an unknown developer.

I went to Control Panel, to 'Security & Privacy' and I noticed a chance to override the restrictions. 'PAF on Mac' was mentioned specifically (I suppose that is because I had just attempted to use it.)

After giving 'PAF on Mac' permission to run there in the Control Panel it opened without further complaint.

But, of course, since it was a new install of PAF it didn't have any record of where the .PAF data files were so it commenced the scan of the whole hard drive (as it does in Windows when PAF is first installed).