jPAF is genealogy program intended to work like PAF 5.

PAF5 is available for download from Parowan Software

jPAF is written in javascript as a web app.  I may someday extend it to be a Progressive Web App.

Right now it doesn't save changes.  There is a lot of work yet to do.  This is just a "how far we've come" demo.

Click the folder icon on the tool bar to load up a PAF file.  (PAF 5 only - jPAF doesn't know how to deal with a PAF 4 file).

Once a file is loaded the family group page should populate with relevant data.  The arrowhead buttons should reload the page with the indicated generation.  Clicking on the data box for the husband, wife, grandfather or grandmother should present a pop-up box for editing data pertaining to that person.

The 'Save' button doesn't save anything yet.

The pedigree page should display appropriate info.

The Individuals list page doesn't do anything yet.

But you can try it HERE

The next thing to work on could be:
  • The pedigree drop down folds up too readily
  • save data from the EI popup.

After those are resolved there is

  • Notes, citations, sources
  • add events
  • add people (and linkages)
  • keep and update the delete lists
  • Individuals list tab/screen
  • Full menu
  • create a marriage edit popup.
  • populate marriage edit
  • save marriage edit
  • add marriage record
  • delete marriage record
  • create/edit/delete user defined events
  • create new PAF file with the expected user defined events and temple list.
  • reports
  • match/merge
  • import GEDCOM
  • export GEDCOM
  • share/compare data with
fixed a point of pedigree navigation

Fixed the freeze-up related to the 'Other Marriages' pull-down

Changed internal data storage from one large buffer holding the whole file to an array of data blocks conforming to the internal block structure of all PAF files.

Got file download to work.