Over the years I've posted 2 versions of PAF packaged with WINE for use on Macintosh computers.  But things change with operating system upgrades and such.  This last version has stopped working.  I'm not going to try to upgrade to fix it.  I'll be putting all my effort into jPAF a web app that I intend to make work like PAF.

The stuff below here doesn't work anymore.

I like Macintosh computers.

I also like genealogy. 

I'm accustomed to PAF.  I've looked at a number of other genealogy programs for Macintosh.  But somehow they just don't feel right to me.  Moreover I have some relatives who are still on Windows who use PAF. 

So, for the time being, for maximum compatibility, I am pursuing using PAF on my Mac.

To that end, that is, to make PAF as easy as possible to install on a Mac, I've learned a little about Wine and WineSkin and packaged PAF to install easily on a Mac.

The original version worked on OS X.5 and OS X.6.  Not tested on later versions.

Now (2/1/2021) I've done another repackage with a newer version of Wine (and Wine-Bottler, another program to help package Wine with a program).  I've tried it on OS X.11.  If anyone finds that it works on newer versions I'd like to 'hear' about it (

If you want to encourage this project you can send a $2.00 donation to me by mail or e-mail (paypal).

Download: original pkg (for OS X.5, X.6), latest pkg (for OS X.11) If you make it work on other versions of OS X please let me know.

I've tried the new package on my new mac with the M1 chip hoping that the rosetta 2 software layer might make it work.  It did not.  So I'm looking at what my options are there.