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I've recently been informed that PAF on Mac isn't working for someone.
I checked it myself.  It doesn't work for me now.  I have had the
idea for a long time time doing a PAF workalike program.  My original
motivation was to make something that worked on Linux and on Mac.
Using WINE made it work on Mac for a while but now that is a problem
again.  And now I'm also interested in making work on Raspberry Pi and
on the new M1 Macintoshes.  So I've revived my work on jPAF


This is a project to produce a 'PAF5 work-alike' program that will
run on any operating system that supports the Chrome web browser
(or its OpenSource sibling Chromium)

The current state of the program allows opening a file on the toolbar.
The family group view works (to some degree).  The pedigree view
works (to some degree).  The List view doesn't work at all.  There
are no reports, no merge, no add person nor add family.  'Save'
doesn't work at all either.

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PAF on Mac

PAF on Linux

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